The all-natural cat and dog care product "SILVERCARE" series of general antibiotics can only kill about 6 different kinds of bacteria.
But [Colloidal Silver] is effective against more than 650 kinds of bacteria without any resistance!

[Colloidal Silver] is recognized by the US FDA as a natural antibiotic with no toxicity or side effects.

Used to combat and prevent diseases and infections caused by infections or accidents, such as treating burns, skin infections, body inflammation, etc...

Understand the benefits of [Colloidal Silver]

※Safely clean and care for wounds

※Prevent wound infection

※ Mild in nature, does not irritate wounds ※ Quickly relieves redness and swelling of wounds

※Reduce wound odor and relieve itching

※No drugs, no side effects, no toxicity

※Helping chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds
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