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Order terms

Our ordering terms can be found in the Ordering and Shipping Terms and all orders are subject to them. These Terms and Terms of Use.


Coryfire.com All product prices in the online store are in Hong Kong Dollar (HongKong Dollar) $ show.

Our trademarks, service marks and copyrights

The following trademarks and service marks (Coryfire.com) belong to Coryfire Limited and its associated companies and subsidiaries, They reserve all rights of recovery. All images, designs, logos, service marks and trademarks on Coryfire.com may not be used on Any use without the permission of Coryfire Limited or its associated companies or subsidiaries. Additionally, all appearances on Coryfire.com The trademarks, product names, company names and logos are the exclusive property of Coryfire Limited and their respective owners. All Coryfire.com content including any modifications to design, articles, images, logos, buttons, images, software, sound materials Movement, extraction, collection, reorganization and assembly are protected by Hong Kong and international copyright industries and any applicable intellectual property laws. all Software used on Coryfire.com is the property of Coryfire.com or its suppliers and is protected by the Hong Kong and international copyright industry associations and any protected by applicable intellectual property laws.

Website use

This website is currently only used to provide online information and as a shopping medium. All content on the website may not be used for any commercial purpose. (Including reproducing, transmitting, distributing, selling, broadcasting, distributing, republishing, adapting, or redistributing in the same format or technology). Book The information communication content on the website can only be used in legal ways, and any violation (any harmful, threatening and untrue content) is prohibited. Information about the terms of this website They are not allowed to be posted or transmitted, and Coryfire.com reserves the right (but has no obligation or responsibility) to prohibit and remove such materials.

Resale prohibited

All Coryfire.com products are sold to users and may not be used for any commercial resale. If we have any doubts about the purpose of the ordered products, The product will be refused sale.

Product Ownership, Import Documentation and Fees

When Coryfire.com ships the product, ownership of the product is transferred from Coryfire.com to the user. Coryfire.com will deliver products according to user requirements. If the product is shipped to a country outside Hong Kong, you may need to pay additional surcharges, taxes, or register the relevant product with the shipping destination or apply for an import license. These fees and document applications all depend on the laws of the shipping destination. Customized, Coryfire.com The amount of such charges cannot be controlled or predicted, and Coryfire.com will not bear any legal responsibility for such payments or document application procedures. Once you complete the relevant ordering process, you accept the terms and are responsible for any surcharges, taxes or import document applications for shipping the ordered products. If the final product is returned, Coryfire.com 20% of the total product amount will be charged to make up for the loss of shipping costs.


This website and its content are provided on the basis of existing information. Coryfire.com only provides a place for online shopping, so we will not be responsible for the website. direct, indirect, incidental, consequential and punitive damages for any loss caused by the content or the use of products purchased online (including pecuniary benefits and intangible losses) and bear legal liability (except for regulations implied by law). Used when purchased at Coryfire.com Before buying a product, please carefully read the product information, usage and precautions provided on the product or in the package provided by the manufacturer, owner or seller. Coryfire.com makes no representations about the accuracy, suitability for a particular purpose, quality or reliability of the information provided by these manufacturers, shippers or sellers. assumes no responsibility, so it is best to analyze the information carefully before using it.

Although Coryfire.com has done its best to display the true appearance and color of its products, we cannot guarantee that your computer can accurately display them.


If Coryfire.com incurs losses due to your violation of the order terms or any actions while using Coryfire.com, you agree to compensate and indemnify Coryfire.com's losses, expenses, damages and costs (including reasonable legal fees). You agree that Coryfire.com will not assume any responsibility for your use of this website We assume no legal responsibility for any losses incurred and agree to waive any claims against Coryfire.com for any compensation. If this statement does not apply to an individual instance, Coryfire.com's liability will not exceed the amount you paid for the products or services purchased on this website.

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Coryfire.com will provide links to other websites. When you select these links, you will leave this website. These linked websites are not hosted on Coryfire.com Therefore, we are not responsible for the content of this website, the content of its linked websites, or the updates and changes to its content. Provided by Coryfire.com Website links are provided for your convenience. We are not responsible for publishing or receiving the content of any such linked websites, and the use and content of these websites cannot be Represent our position.

Our privacy policy

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When we discover any behavior that harms Coryfire.com, third parties or violates the law, Coryfire.com has the right to suspend or Terminate anyone's access to all or part of this website.


Coryfire.com will send notices to you via email, web posting and mail. You can also notify us by email, info@coryfire.com

Terms modification

These terms of use (including the ordering terms in the support) will be modified when necessary, so before you shop on this website, please read the details first. Read the Terms of Use and Ordering Terms.

Legal supervision

These terms of use (including the ordering terms in the support) will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and you agree that the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region may Disputes and claims regarding the Terms of Use and Ordering Terms shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction.

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