Prevention is better than cure, the first thing your furry child should pay attention to is food!

Denkadog and Denkacat were born in the Netherlands in 1983 to provide pets with a completely natural product from raw materials commonly used in human food and nutrition.
The Dutch legislation on feeding small animals is very strict. In fact, food is often subject to strict inspection and must not contain flour, preservatives, dyes or additives of any kind.
Denkadog products have HACCP assurance certificate. GMP+, ISO 9001:2000. The HACCP manual is used for the prevention and control of mycotoxins in food production - generally applied to the production of human food.

Denkadog and Denkacat are produced under the motto "Prevention is better than cure".
It is a natural help for furry children in the following situations:
✓ Obesity ✓ Gastrointestinal problems ✓ Problems caused by too much protein ✓ Anti-aging ✓ Allergy symptoms

cruelty free
Denkadog and Denkycat is a completely cruelty-free company: it does not perform any testing on animals during the direct or indirect production of its food.
Because for us, our love for animals doesn’t stop with our dearest furry babies!

The new generation of nutritionally balanced pet food is important not only in what it contains, but also what it doesn't. For this reason, Denkadog uses only the highest quality proteins, carefully selected. Denkacat uses absolutely no "dirty proteins" (ballast proteins) that can excessively and unnecessarily contaminate the digestive system.
Denkadog and Denkacat are absolutely natural, with stable quality and reasonable price.
With Denkadog and Denkacat, your furry baby is not only beautiful in appearance, but most importantly, healthy both physically and mentally.

You only need to do a simple test and you will feel more at ease than reading a 10,000-word report! This only requires a glass half full of water... Let the Denkadog or Denkacat dry food soak for 20 minutes and watch what happens? If you see what happens when dry food mixes with water, you can imagine how easily the gastric juices become able to absorb nutrients! Then please do the same test and comparison with any brand of pet food, and you will know which brand will be better for your furry child's stomach.

Why is solubility so important?

WAC test - measures the amount of liquid absorbed per liter of volume The WAC test measures the ability of dry food to absorb liquid (time and amount).
This test is very important, in fact it shows that if the product is well constructed, the gastric juices can easily digest the food, thus avoiding a long stay in the stomach and allowing for faster digestion and complete absorption.
What determines these properties is the perfect extrusion of the food and the minimization of the fat surrounding the outside of the dry food. Denkadog has the highest water/liquid absorbency compared to other brands!

To briefly explain, our processing process can make the food easier to chew and decompose. When the furry child eats it, it can already absorb nutrients well. From the daily diet, we can prevent various health problems that the furry child will encounter when growing up. question.

Based on all the above points, it can be confirmed that Denkadog and Denkacat are high-quality pet foods. We at Coryfire sincerely recommend them to all friends who love tin fur babies!
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